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New York Jewish Singles


Jewish singles  residing  in  New York City  (The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island) are invited  to meet new and interesting people by joining New York Jewish Singles.

NYJS is an organization whose purpose is to improve opportunities for Jewish singles in New York City to meet each other in a comfortable environment.  Committees meet regularly to schedule events such as social gatherings, walking tours, lectures and other activities.  All events are conducted in accordance with Jewish laws and customs and do not violate the laws of Sabbath, dietary laws and laws prohibiting Intermarriage.     

Requirements for Membership:

You must be:

1.       Jewish as defined by Jewish Law  (Your Mother must be Jewish or you have been converted by an Orthodox Rabbi). 

2.       Single (Not currently involved in Marriage or Domestic Partnership).

3.       A citizen of the United States of America.

4.       A resident of New York City for the past three years.

5.       A High School Graduate or possess its equivalency. 

6.       Without a Criminal Record and of good moral character.

7.       A person with a strong Jewish Identity and Pro-Israel

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